Our Servers are VERY Fast, Reliable and located in the United States, Europe & Singapore. The server hardware is carefully chosen and configured, to ensure maximum performance & reliability. We use only superior quality servers with Dual Quad Core Xeon Processors, Intel Motherboards, ECC RAM and High-Performance Enterprise Grade Hard Drives with RAID configuration for Best Data Protection.

Backups 100%

We use R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection, which takes regular snapshots of the server and stores it in a safe place in one of our other data centres.

Security 100%

Protected by the best Hardware Firewall and Round-the-Clock monitoring ensures that our servers stay secure with the latest system updates.

UPTIME 99.9%

To ensure that you can always reach your site, we have multi-tiered Internet connection with dual GBPS connections to each of our servers.


Our solutions help your business to achieve the service quality that you deserve, in the most cost effective manner. We’ve been around for a long time and we believe in being a valued partner to our clients. We don’t make the sale and run, we’re here to stay, and we’re here to do whatever we need to keep you happy.

15 Global Locations
We use 15 Strategic, Globally Centred Locations for Super Fast connectivity
Best Service Time
99.9% Uptime Guarantee with SLA, ensures that your websites will be always online.
Firewall protection
Hardware Firewall will automatically block malicious traffic and protect your website
24×7 Email Support
We offer round the clock support through our support portals and live chat.
Free SSL
We install 128bit SSL Certificate (https://) on hosted websites (by request) at NO charge.
Data Protection
We do live daily backups to avoid data loss and backups are stored on Amazon S3.
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Pricing Table

We have 2 plans in shared hosting. Basic plan and Advanced Plan

₹ 1199
per year

5 GB Website Server Space

100 GB Website Data Bandwidth

10 E-Mail Accounts

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Unlimited Database Users

Unlimited Alias (Parked) Domains

FREE SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

₹ 1999
per year

Unlimited Website Server Space

Unlimited Website Data Bandwidth

Unlimited E-Mail Accounts

Unlimited MySQL Databases

Unlimited Database Users

Unlimited Alias (Parked) Domains

FREE SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

For custom Hosting requirements, please mail us to sales@cryolite.in


As your web hosting partner, Cryolite understands that your trust is our most important asset. In order to preserve that trust, we would like you to ask any questions regarding our product before you proceed to final purchase. We appreciate your questions and will be very glad to answer them, meanwhile for quick answers please read through the below list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is the price so cheap, are there any hidden charges?

The hosting industry is evolving and changing day-by-day, and so is the technology. For example, 8 years ago dedicated servers with 32GB RAM would cost around $600 a month, but today with better configuration 32GB RAM servers are available at just $150 a month. Similar to this there are multiple improvements in technology which involves compression, performance, scaling, speed, security and storage. This technological improvement is what drives us to bring the price so low. Do not worry, we clearly know this industry for over a decade and we know what we are doing. All prices that you see on our website is final and do not carry any hidden fees, so rest Assured!

I've made the payment, When will my account get activated?

To prevent fraud, all accounts are activated after a manual payment verification process. Once the payment is verified the account is activated instantly. At any time, if you require an urgent activation please do feel free to contact us by opening a support ticket or through live chat. Most account activations are done within 30 minutes, the maximum time for activation during weekends is 3 hours.

Why are you not offering domain name registrations?

The domain industry has become a garbage, with extensive competition, for pennies of profit. Apart from this, the prices of domain name keeps fluctuating very frequently just like the Forex market. We wish to be out of domain names, so that we can focus better “ONLY ON HOSTING” which we do the best. If you wish to register a domain name you can just “Google” and you can find hundreds of companies offering domain name registration at an extremely low price, and sorry we do not wish to get into that crowd.

How much space do I get, are there any restrictions or limits?

We do not have a set limit on our “Unlimited” hosting package, but we request you to use the server resources in an optimal manner, without any resource abuse. As you are aware, most web hosting companies today offer Unlimited disk space and bandwidth, which is restricted by the fair use and acceptable use policies and inode limits. For more details please refer our FUP and AUP pages.

Do you offer Addon Domains feature in cPanel with your plan?

No, the “Addon Domains” feature is disabled in cPanel. Unfortunately we cannot enable this feature, please do not open a support ticket requesting for activating Addon Domains. Our hosting plan works only with the count of a number of hosted domain names and to prevent resellers from overselling resources, we have disabled “Addon Domains”. Please do not get confused with “Domain Aliases” or “Parked Domains” feature, you are still allowed to add Unlimited “Domain Aliases” that can be pointed to your Primary Domain in cPanel.

I need to talk, do you offer telephonic support?

We don’t offer phone support because we truly believe it wouldn’t be possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone. We have decided on this for 3 reasons: (a) It’s faster. We can quickly get to the bottom of your questions without putting you on hold. (b) Online ticket support keeps detailed records in one place. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation if we need to escalate your issue. We’ll always have access to previous tickets so you won’t have to repeat questions. (c) Live chat support is similar to talking on the phone, as it involves real-time conversation. Through live chat, we can ask you to instantly send us screenshots to help us see what you are seeing. We can also send you screenshots and links to guide you in the right direction.

Do you have a money back guarantee? or refund policy?

Yes, cancel within 30 days! We do not offer any cancellations exceeding 30 days of activation time. We do offer a money back guarantee only for 30 days, and after 30 days no cancellation and no money back. But do not worry, you are still fully covered through our service level agreement for the entire term of your business with us. You are fully eligible for service prolongation for any downtime or service interruptions. For more details please visit our SLA page.

How do I move my website(s) from another hosting provider?

Do not worry, we can HELP. If you have a cPanel account that is hosted with another provider we can transfer your website(s) content absolutely free. To begin a cPanel website transfer process please open a support ticket along with your cPanel username and password of the current provider and our migration team will move your website to our servers. If you have a website that is not hosted through cPanel (For example: Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin..) we can still move the website content directly from server-to-server without having to download all data to your local computer. For more details please open a support ticket.

Do you offer any customized plans, as per my requirements?

We can customise your shared hosting plan according to your requirements. But, if you need to host your website(s) completely on an isolated server outside of our shared hosting environment, we would suggest you to go through our VPS hosting product which is Fully Managed, Configured and Maintained by our team. Using a VPS hosting you can utilise the full power of the server only for your sites, without sharing resources with other customers.

How do I contact your support team if I have a problem?

Just open a support ticket to get a quick resolution to your technical issues. Our system will allow you to open a ticket granting you a unique ticket identification number that will keep you in the loop every step of the way as the technician resolves your request. Any new update will automatically be sent to your email, so you can be informed on the current status of the service request, from when a technician is assigned to your case all the way to the end when the technician closes your ticket and the issue is resolved. For a faster response, please get onto our live chat and provide us your support ticket identification number and our support staff can instantly begin working on your ticket while you are on live chat.